Sunday, December 1, 2013

Back With a Vengence and Lets Get Festive!!

Hello blog world! It's been too long! I have had all sorts of technical difficulties over the months, and just a general lack of motivation. I couldn't think of anything to blog about, I wasn't doing anything exciting, so I lost interest for awhile. However, it is now the festive season, I have so many ideas and things I want to blog about, and I am so excited to get back into blogging! 

Today is just a quick post to say 'hey!', and to show you my ever so cool advent calendar! Last year, so many bloggers and youtubers mentioned an advent calendar by Ciate, filled with 24 amazing mini nail polishes. I started to look for one of these beauties in early November, coming to the conclusion if i really wanted one, I would have to spend a fortune to get it shipped over from the UK. I then stumbled across an Instagram pic from Mecca Cosmetica of the Ciate advent calendar! I was so excited, and ordered one the next day! I was so excited to get this, and as much i was tempted to open them all, I have waited until the First of December-I didn't even look at the back to see what nail polishes were in there! 

So, here is the first mini polish I got! It's in the shade "Snow globe' and it is a clear with big chunks of silver and very light blue glitter. It will look so pretty over a red! I also love the little messages behind each door. 

You can check out what polishes I get over on my Instagram- @bleubirdxo

If you want to get your own Ciate Advent Calendar, head over to Mecca Cosmetica. They are still available to buy! 

What kind of Advent Calendar do you have? Do you have the Ciate one?


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