Sunday, January 12, 2014

What's In My...Makeup Bag

 I bought a new travel makeup bag recently, so I thought I would show you my essentials when Im not at home. Of course I don't have all of this on my face at one time, but it's nice to have options! 

Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua-B10- This is my go-to foundation. It's a perfect colour match, and gives a perfect, slightly dewy finish to my skin. It's quite sheer, so it is perfect for everyday use- and the fact that I am putting something by Chanel on my face makes me feel ever-so classy ;)

Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer-Ivory- This is also a newbie to the collection. I pop this on under my eyes to brighten everything up-another cheap and cheerful product!

MAC Studio Finish Concealer-NW20-
My fist ever MAC purchase back when I was 18! It is great for blemishes and any redness and you only need a small amount. 

Rimmel Stay Matte Translucent Powder- This is a great translucent powder, sets my base nicely, and keeps oils at bay without getting cakey. It is an amazing powder worth the hype, and for the price tag, you cant go wrong!  

Estee Lauder Pure Colour Blush in Tease- Another Limited Edition item that I rushed out to purchase! This is a gorgeous baby pink blush, with just enough shimmer. It looks beautiful on, and I'm so glad I have it in my collection. At this moment it is my most used blush.

Nars blush in Final Cut- This is my first Nars Blush! It is from the Limted Edition Final Cut line. It is a beautiful peach, perfect for my skin tone. I don't have anything else in my collection like it-and it may have started something that could be very dangerous to my bank account!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette- This has been sitting in my drawer feeling lonely while I used the Naked 1 palette, but I picked it up a few months ago and it has taken a front row seat in my eye makeup routine. Perfect for any kind of look, day or night! Although, I don't know how much longer it will be a front runner, as I am patiently waiting for the Naked 3 palette to arrive in my hot little hands.

Rhianna for MAC Her Cocoa Palette- Again, a Limited Edition product that I rushed around to find! I don't really even like Rhianna, but I saw this all over the blogger community and decided it had to be mine! To be honest, it was the lure of the rose gold packaging and the words LIMITED EDITION that got me with this one, however in saying that, the colours really are beautiful! 

Maybelline The Falsies- Im not too fussed with mascaras. Everytime I run out I try something new. This is a great mascara, doesn't clump and makes my eyelashes stand out, but they don't look too fake and spider-like. Overall its a goodun!

Urban Decay Primer Potion-
I got this with my first Naked palette. It has done the job, but when it runs out I would love to try something different.

Maybelline Colour Tatto in Tough as Taupe- I use this as a base most of the time, it is a little too matte for me-I like a bit of shimmer. Works great as a base, and lasts a crazy long time on the lid.

Jouer Blushing Beauty Palette- The things I did to get this palette! It is a great on-the-go palette, with almost everything you could need in one. Perfect for traveling, and some great neutral colours for everyday use

MAC Peach Blossom Cremesheen Lipstick- Why had I not tried a Cremesheen lipstick until last year?? These are amazing! This colour is perfect for everyday wear for me. I find it really suits my fair complexion nicely. 

Revlon Colourburst Lipglosses in Bellini and Peony- I'm not too much of a lipgloss person anymore, but these are great! I wear them on their own on no makeup days, or over similar coloured lipsticks. They are pleasant smelling and not too sticky. Peony is a light rosey-pink with hint of shimmer, and Bellini is a cream light peach colour.

Cutex Strengthening Nail Polish Remover- I'm not really too fussed on nail polish removers. This one does the job well, and I just picked it up at the Supermarket. 

Nail Clippers- Again, these are an essential that I am not too fussed about! As long as they cut nicely, they are fine!

Manicare Nile File- This nail file block does it all. Gently files the nail, removes any ridges, buffs the nail, and makes them nice and shiny. I am intrigued by the crystal nail files! 

O.P.I. Avoplex Cuticle Oil- This is great to help soften any rough edges around the nail, and makes it easier to fix up any messy cuticles. I put it around my cuticles, let it soak into the skin for a minute or 2, then rub the rest in and remove any excess oil with a tissue. It works so well! 

O.P.I. Nail Envy for Sensitive and Peeling Nails-  Last year I was using the Original Nail Envy, but I spotted this one I thought I would give this one a try. I have just put a coat on, so I will update you on how well it works! The original was pretty darn good, so I expect this one to be just as great! 

Ciate Mini Nail Polish in Ivory Queen- This was one of the nail polishes I got in the Ciate Advent Calendar. It's a beautiful pale pink with a bit of a golden sheen. It looks so pretty on the nails. Although, for the next month or so I won't be putting anything other than the Nail Envy on my nails!

NYX Nail Polish in Buzz Worthy- This is just s straight up gold glitter polish. I received it in a Beauty Box sometime last year. It goes well with the above polish, as well as many other colours! It works so well as an accent nail. 

O.P.I. RapiDry Top Coat- This is a mini that I received in a pack. It works well, although I would like to try the Seche Vite Top Coat. 

Sally Hansen Instadry Drops- This product works amazingly well. Just a drop or two onto each nail and they are dry in no time! Perfect for me, as before this I always used to mess up my nails. 

L'occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream- I couldn't live without hand cream! My hands get so dry, so I always have some handy. This one is amazing, so thick and nourishing, yet not very greasy and sinks in nicely! I'll definitely repurchase this product!
So those are my essential make up bits that I travel with. The lip products can change depending on what look I am going for. I feel this amount is more than enough for me, and I have everything I could possibly need! 
Hope you enjoyed a sneak peek into my travel essentials! 

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Review: Origins Vitazing

I often get a lot of beauty products based on recommendations from watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. I found out about this beauty from the lovely Viviannadoesmakeup.

It was when watching her video on her favourite tinted moisturisers that I first discovered Origins Vitazing Moisturiser. I decided to do a bit more research on the product, and on my debut trip to Mecca Cosmetica, I decided to give it swatch and see what it was like in person. I was a bit weary of spending so much on a tinted moisturiser that might not actually do anything, but after swatching and blending, I fell in love and made my first Origins-and Mecca- purchase!

And boy am I glad I did! When trying it in the store I was a bit worried about the product turning orange on my fair skin, but it blended in really nicely! When the product first comes out of the tube, it is an off-white, grey sort of colour with a bit of a sheen. When you blend it into the skin, the tint is released, and on my fair skin, it gives a beautiful, healthy glow. It even up my skin tone-i am prone to a lot of redness-and makes me skin look bright and healthy. It’s perfect for ‘no makeup’ days, but is also a great primer-esque product under foundations.

It’s definitely a product worthy of the Viviannadoesmakeup hype, and I’m glad I have it in my stash.
Have you tried Origins Vitazing Moisturiser? Have you tried any similar products? 

You can purchase the Origins Vitazing Moisturiser from Mecca Cosmetica.


Monday, December 16, 2013

Lets Get Festive: The Christmas Tag

With the Big Day approaching, I thought I would give you all an insight into how I spend my Christmas with the Christmas Tag! Hope you enjoy!


When do you start getting excited for Christmas? 
 I start getting excited around October. All the shops and supermarkets start stocking Christmas bits, I start looking for presents around this time, and after Halloween, everything is Christmas and the Christmas carols start in the shops!

Do you still have Advent Calendars?
Yes! We usually just go with a Cadbury chocolate Advent Calendar, but this year I spoiled myself and bought the Ciate Mini Mani Month Advent Calendar! So far it has been worth it!

What are your favourite Christmas films?
Love Actually is definitely my favourite Christmas movie! It has been a favourite for years, and when it is aired on TV, you know Christmas is close! The Holiday is also a great Christmas movie. And you can’t go past the classics like The Grinch and The Santa Clause.

Do you have any funny Christmas memories?
My memory is horrible so nothing really stands out to me. The only thing I can think of in recent years is when my boyfriend’s nephews got to the age to really understand and enjoy Christmas, and how fun it was to watch them open their presents. They got so excited they started unwrapping everyone else’s and asking for more!

Talk us through your typical Christmas Day.
Christmas Eve for me usually consists of wrapping the last of the presents, doing any last minute cooking for the following day (if I am making anything), watching the Carols By Candlelight on TV, and sometimes eating yummy food! Sometimes we go to my Nan’s house, eat and watch the Carols, and sometimes we just stay at home and do last minute things.
Christmas Day starts with me waking up super early (which is rare!), waking my boyfriend up excitedly and hurrying him up so we can open presents! We sit on the floor around the tree in our pj’s, and I make him open his presents first, and then I open mine. If we are at home, we then do presents with his family. Then we eat some breakfast and get ready. If we are cooking, we stay home and get everything ready for lunch! Otherwise, we load up the car with the rest of the presents and head to wherever we are having lunch, usually my boyfriend’s sisters or my Nan’s, we take it in turns each year. We always make time to see both families, and give presents on Christmas Day.  Then after we eat lunch, we come home and relax in the evening and play with all of our new things-And eat leftovers! 

 Gingerbread House

 presents under the tree

What do you eat?
On Christmas Eve we usually have some nibbles-cheeses, dips, crackers and seafood. On Christmas Day we have lunch. Before we eat our main meal, we again have some nibbles and seafood. For the main meal we have all of the traditional Christmas foods-Turkey, ham and roast vegetables. If we are with my boyfriends family, we have the meat cold, and if we are with mine, it is a traditional roast dinner, with Roast Pork and Lamb sometimes included. For deserts, it can vary. We have Trifle, Pavlova, cheesecake, and sometimes I make a Gingerbread House. We don’t usually have a Christmas pudding as no one really eats it. 


 Nibbles last year

Do you have any traditions?
We always have the Carols playing on Christmas Eve, no matter what we are doing! We also always open our presents in our pj’s around the tree.

What are your favourite Christmas Carols?
I love many! Rockin’ Around The Christmas Tree, Merry Christmas Everyone, Rudolph The Red Nose Reindeer, any of the classics and the ones sung by Michael Buble! I love them all!

What was the best Christmas present you ever received?
I have had a lot of amazing presents over the years. Growing up, I was an only child so I often got a tiny bit spoilt! Some of the main ones I remember getting as a child were my Cubby House and Trampoline. There was a note a bit of string tied to the tree, leading me out to them, and I remember that being so exciting!

Real or Fake Christmas Tree?
We have a fake tree. When I was younger we had real ones a few times, but with it being Summer here at Christmas time, real tree’s in the house don’t do much good for my allergies! For a fake tree, ours does look beautiful, but you can’t go past the smell of a real one-even if it does make you sneeze! 

Hope you all have a lovely Christmas!