Wednesday, December 18, 2013

The Review: Origins Vitazing

I often get a lot of beauty products based on recommendations from watching YouTube videos and reading blogs. I found out about this beauty from the lovely Viviannadoesmakeup.

It was when watching her video on her favourite tinted moisturisers that I first discovered Origins Vitazing Moisturiser. I decided to do a bit more research on the product, and on my debut trip to Mecca Cosmetica, I decided to give it swatch and see what it was like in person. I was a bit weary of spending so much on a tinted moisturiser that might not actually do anything, but after swatching and blending, I fell in love and made my first Origins-and Mecca- purchase!

And boy am I glad I did! When trying it in the store I was a bit worried about the product turning orange on my fair skin, but it blended in really nicely! When the product first comes out of the tube, it is an off-white, grey sort of colour with a bit of a sheen. When you blend it into the skin, the tint is released, and on my fair skin, it gives a beautiful, healthy glow. It even up my skin tone-i am prone to a lot of redness-and makes me skin look bright and healthy. It’s perfect for ‘no makeup’ days, but is also a great primer-esque product under foundations.

It’s definitely a product worthy of the Viviannadoesmakeup hype, and I’m glad I have it in my stash.
Have you tried Origins Vitazing Moisturiser? Have you tried any similar products? 

You can purchase the Origins Vitazing Moisturiser from Mecca Cosmetica.


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