Thursday, September 27, 2012

Topshop and Dotti Haul!

Hi fellow bloggers! Sorry it's been a long time in between posts. A few life issues took over, and I couldn't edit any pictures for awhile, but fear not!! I am back with a slightly big haul!

I ordered a few bits from Topshop and Dotti, and ordered one thing from the Roxy website. Pastels are everywhere at the moment, and I am loving it!! 

 Topshop Panel Jumper

Topshop Daisy Oversized Blouse

Topshop Grey Silk Blouse

 Topshop Sailor Dress

 Dotti Dress on sale $19.95

Dotti Dress On Sale $19.95

Dotti Jumper On Sale $19.95

Dotti Blouse On Sale $19.95

Roxy Jumper $79.99

I know it's going into warmer weather here in Aus, but i had my eye on alot of these things for awhile, and i couldn't pass up the sale prices of the Dotti items!

Do you like the items I bought? Which is your favourite?


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