Monday, August 27, 2012

Topshop Lipstick Review

From left to right: Whimsical, Secret Admirer, Pillow Talk, Innocent

After hearing so many good things recently about Topshop Lipsticks, I decided to add a few to my ever growing lipstick collection. I have previously purchased one not long after the makeup range first came out. It was in the shade Nevada or Desert (I'm not to sure as its gone walkabout along with my one and only Chanel Lipstick =( 

I really liked the formulation, but found it was left at the back of the drawer. The shade was very much a nude, and with my naturally pigmented dark lips and pale skin tone, I just didn't think i could pull it off. So after reading numerous blog posts and watching reviews on Youtube, i decided to give them a go, in shades i would actually wear.

I really like the packaging of these lipsticks, with the white tube ( I love white! Especially Essie bottles!) The scent is also really nice, not a plastic synthetic smell, it's almost fruity! Very nice to smell when it's on the lips. 

The first of the 4 i purchased is the only matte finish lipstick i purchased. It is the shade Whimsical. The website describes this as a Pinky Nude. I would say it is more of a light pinky peach colour. It is a very light colour, so i have to cancel out my natural colour to be able to wear this. Also, as a matte finish, this isn't the nicest lipstick to apply. Unless your lips are ultra smooth, it can look a bit nasty. I tried this on without anything underneath and all of the lines in my lips showed through. If worn correctly, this is a gorgeous colour, perfect the coming warm weather.

The next colour is the first of the Velvet Finish lipsticks. The shade is Secret Admirer. The website describes this as a Warm Nude, however, to me it looks more like a pale, almost pinky peach shade. It is definitely more pink than Whimsical. Being a Velvet finish, it applies nicely, leaving a slightly glossy finish to the lips. However, with it being so pale, i do have the same problem as i do with Whimsical. (Does anyone have any tips for this?)

Pillow Talk seems to be quite popular, so i just had to try it out for myself. The website simply describes this as a Pink, and i would have to agree. It is much more of a bright pink than Secret Admirer in my opinion. Again, it is a Velvet finish, so applies nicely, and being so bright, i don't have a problem wearing it. 

Finally, and one i have had my eye on for months, is Innocent. This is also a popular shade. It is described as a pale pink. For me, this is the closest shade to my natural lip colour and the easiest to wear. I definitely think the other pinks are paler. After looking at other blog posts and swatches, mine seems like a different colour? It is a lot darker than any swatches i have seen.

Overall, i really like the Topshop lipsticks, and i think they are really good value for money (8 pounds or roughly $12 Aus.) The packaging is nice, the scent is pleasant, and the formulation is really nice. Even the matte lipstick isn't drying on the lips. I will definitely be checking out the rest of the Topshop Makeup range. 

What would you recommend from the range?



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