Monday, May 28, 2012

Lust Have It!

After 2 very disappointing encounters with Glossybox, my first Lust Have It! pack arrived fuss free! The fact that the money was taken out of my account without problems and it was delivered safely without any problems has made it 10 times better than Glossybox already! 

Even though Glossybox was a bit of a disappointment and a lot of hassle, actually receiving and opening the box was really nice! You got a special delivery box, so you knew exactly what it was when it came int he mail! Then you opened the pack to find the lovely pink box, and then the lovely wrapped up products inside. So when i received a plain white post box, i was a bit disappointed. I opened the box to find a hot pink make up bag. This was nice, but hot pink isn't my favourite colour. I dont know if they plan to have these every month, i know last months was a blue make up bag. It's not a bad idea, but what amm i going to do with a new make up bag every month? I much prefer the pale pink sturdy boxes of the Glossybox. They are just more useful for storage to me. 

I was quite happy, however, when i looked inside the pink bag at the products i had received. In the past Glossyboxes it seemed the majority of the products were skin care related products, and don't even get me started on last months, where i received what looked like fish oil tablets in a paper bag ( I didn't receive a card, so i have no idea what half of the products are!)
It seems Lust Have It have a better concept of what a beauty box should be. Yes there were a few skincare products, and they weren't high end ( i believe this has something to do with Glossybox still), but the rest of the products were great!.

Biore Pore Unclogging Scrub: This product smells lovely, like kiwi fruit! It is a generous sample size, good for travel. I am looking forward to trying this as my skin has been horrible lately. My pores are huge and gross so i will definitely be giving this a go!

Biore Triple Action Toner: This again smells really nicely of kiwi fruit, but has a slight smell of alcohol. It says it is for acne treatment, so I'm guessing it would be pretty strong. It would interesting to see if it is comparable with my Clinique toner.

Biore Deep Cleansing Pore Strips: I have been a user of these pore strips for a long time, and i love them! Its great to use a product and actually see that it has worked! This may sound gross, but its a pretty great feeling peeling one of these off and seeing all of the disgusting things out of your skin and on the strip! I had just run out of these so this was great timing!

Showface Professional Eyeshadow: I have never heard of this brand, but the eyeshadow looks amazing! It reatails at $22.95, and the eyeshadow is quite loose in the pan, so I'm guessing its ultimately for a palette. The colour pay off is great, and the colour is a dark purpley-blue, and would be perfect for creating a blue smokey eye. I was grateful that mine wasn't smashed to dust as some others were!I will be interested to use this and test its staying power. 

Nicole by O.P.I.: I was so thrilled to see O.P.I. in my box!! However, the colour...hmm not so much. I am into pastel and muted colours for my nails, and this was a metallic silver colour! I don't think i would ever wear this, and when i heard some others had received a purple polish, i was quite jealous! I would much prefer purple. 

L'eau de Chloe: It was nice to receive a perfume sample. I'm always looking for new perfumes to add to my list! I have never really taken too much notice of the Chloe perfumes, and unfortunately this wasn't any different. This claims to be "a delicate blend of rose petals and rose water." I frequent between Stella Sheer by Stella McCartney and Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb, and these fragrances are floral. This to me smelt a bit more spicey than floral. My boyfriend's mum smelt it and said it was floral, so maybe its just me, but this fragrance wasn't one to add to me ever growing list.

Lush Dirty Soap: This i was so excited to see in my box! I love Lush products, and am always willing to try something new! There were 2 soaps i could have received, and i got the Dirty soap. As soon as i opened the pack i could smell this! The scent of this is spearmint, sandalwood, pine and oakmoss, however all i can smell is spearmint! This will be lovely in the shower to wake me up, and i also think my boyfriend will enjoy this!

Overall i am very impressed with my first Lust Have It pack! The packaging was a little disappointing after receiving the nicely packed Glossybox, but as for service and products, Lust Have It definitely trumps Glossybox! It was great to actually receive beauty products and not just skin care! 


  1. I heard they wanted to bring the price up from 10 to 15 to make it better apparently. I read a post this morning about it It is in spanish though but i think it has a translate button. you should check it out.
    Fibi x

    1. Thanks for the link! Glossybox in Australia has been taken over by Lust Have It, so I'm not sure if this will have an affect on our prices. I pay $14.95 Australian dollars a month now. Hope your enjoying the blog :)