Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Nothing to blog about...............yet!

Ok so i thought i would have a proper blog post up by now, however, it has not happened that way! The day i did my first post, I found that Glossybox had finally made it's way to Australia! (Ok, so I'm 5 months late to the party, but everytime i tried to look for it, i could never find it!)
So, after months of watching YouTube videos and wishing i could have my very own Glossybox, i ordered one! So, I'm impatiently waiting for my box to arrive in the mail. Even though i ordered last week in April, i believe they are still sending me out the March box. I can't wait to receive my goodies and do a full blog post, pictures and all!

On another note, i have been using OPI Nail Envy for the past week, and i will be taking photos to show my progress so i can do a review in a few weeks time. So far, i am absolutely loving this product! My nails, even though its only been a week, have been growing very nicely, and feel just that bit stronger. 

So look out for my Glossybox post, and hopefully I'll figure out some more posts to keep you guys interested!


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